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Applied Biology

This operative unit is integrated by an interdisciplinary team, highly experienced in different biological branches, such as:

  •   Avifauna
  •   Herpetofauna
  •   Terrestrial mamofauna
  •   Chiropterans
  •   Icthyofauna
  •   Flora and vegetation
  •   Aquatic biology

AGRI-PRO AMBIENTE works with several public Universities, with technicians recognized by the scientific board. The Applied Biology Unit team coordinates some huge dimension projects in different biology areas, with a flair for innovation, this way cementing our reputation.

Fields of application

  •   Monitoring programs, according to Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/CE)
  •   Mortality and Exclusion Studies for different fauna groups (for infrastructures such as Roads, Electric Lines, Wind Farms, among others)
  •   Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation of Degraded Areas (Aquatic Systems, Mines, among others)
  •   Ecological System Characterization in the scope of environmental assessment processes 

Aproveitamento Hidroelétrico de Pretarouca (Salamandra-lusitânica)

Concessão do Pinhal Interior (Rã-verde)

Concessão do Douro Litoral (Pesca Elétrica)

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